Unleash the Transformative Magic of Argila Amazonia

At Retro Hair, we believe that true beauty should be nurtured by nature. Introducing Argila Amazonia – a revolutionary hair-straightening system that not only offers exceptional results but also embraces the natural treasures of the Amazon to enhance your hair’s health and radiance.

A Breakthrough in Hair Care

Argila Amazonia isn’t just another hair treatment – it’s a breakthrough in hair care that’s setting new standards for long-lasting results. Crafted from all-natural ingredients sourced from the Amazon, this system redefines what it means to have stunningly smooth and silky hair.

Harnessing Nature’s Goodness

The core of Argila Amazonia’s success lies in its exceptional ingredients – White Argila Clay and Murumuru Oil. Pure, rare, and brimming with nutrients, White Argila Clay takes center stage in this transformative journey. Minerals like magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum, potassium, and iron enhance your hair’s health while contributing to its irresistible beauty.

Nurturing with Murumuru Oil

Experience the enchanting nourishment of Murumuru Oil, an extract from the exotic Murumuru seed. This oil is more than just a luxury; it’s a guardian of your hair’s health, restoring moisture, elasticity, and natural vitality.

Unveiling the Magic of White Argila Clay

Travel to the pristine Marajó Island, a sanctuary of nature, where the unique climate leads to the formation of White Argila Clay. This clay is a product of nature’s artistic journey, created over thousands of years through the fusion of rocks, organic components, and the island’s distinctive environmental factors. Rich in minerals and trace elements, this clay offers an extraordinary gift to your hair’s health.

Argilatherapy: The Essence of Healing

Argila Amazonia introduces Argilatherapy, a concept that brings the rejuvenating benefits of clay treatments to the world of professional hair care. By eliminating toxins and impurities, Argilatherapy restores hair follicles and defends against the effects of chemical and environmental damage. The combination of White Argila Clay and Murumuru Oil provides a powerful shield against the impacts of modern life.

Embrace Murumuru Amazon Oil

Derived from the murumuru seed in the Amazonian region, Murumuru Oil is a natural treasure that brings immense benefits to your hair. As a potent emollient and moisturizer, it aids in hair’s recovery of moisture and elasticity, while combating frizz. Murumuru Oil is a testament to the exclusive richness of the Argila line of products.

At Retro Hair, we’re thrilled to offer you the wonders of Argila Amazonia – a true celebration of nature and science working in harmony. Elevate your hair care journey and experience the brilliance of all-natural transformation.

Ready to embark on a journey to healthier, smoother hair? Book your appointment now by calling 03 216 9875 and indulge in the transformative beauty of Argila Amazonia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Argila Amazônia contain formaldehyde? How can I be sure? Argila Amazônia is completely free of formaldehyde. We have solicited testing from multiple independent laboratories that have confirmed this. All results are available at www.argilabeauty.com.br.

2) Is Argila Amazônia compatible with other chemical processes? Are there any potential complications? Argila Amazônia can be applied in conjunction with the vast majority of chemical processes available on the market, including guanidine or sodium hydroxide based smoothing and relaxation treatments, sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, ethanolamine, regular perms, African perms, locks or lights based peroxide treatments, permanent stains, semi-perms and tints. However, there are some restrictions on finishing touches and other chemical applications. The porosity and strength of hair should always be evaluated before performing any chemical process. It should not be used on heavy metal-based colors and hennas.

3) Can I receive chemical treatments on the same day as Argila Amazônia? We do not recommend applying two different smoothing processes on the same day. Wait 15 days for the hair to return to its natural pH. However, hair can be dyed on the same day, after an Argila treatment.

4) If I use Argila Amazônia will it have the same result as a product with formaldehyde? Yes, but with many key advantages. Argila Amazônia will leave hair with a smooth, natural appearance. It reduces volume, hydrates and gives hair shine. Since it does not contain formaldehyde, it does no harm to your hair´s health and does not cause allergies. Does not irritate the scalp or cause hair loss.

5) Is the procedure suitable for all types of hair? Yes, but it is important to always evaluate the porosity and elasticity of the hair before performing any treatment.

6) Can Argila Amazônia be applied on pregnant women, children and adolescents? Pregnant women and children above 12 years old can use Argila Amazônia.

7) How long does the application process of Argila Amazônia take? About 3 hours (depending on the size and volume of the hair).

8) How long does the treatment last? The result lasts 3 to 4 months, depending on the type and texture of the hair.

9) How and how often should an Argila smoothing treatment be retouched? Argila Amazônia is a progressive system and therefore its effects are cumulative. Before reapplying, note the smoothness and volume reduction from the first treatment. If the result is not satisfactory, repeat the process step by step after 20 days. The standard interval between applications is 2 to 3 months.

10) What kind of home care maintenance can be used? We recommend the Argila Amazônia maintenance line, which ensures the long-lasting results.

  • Argila Smooth – Prolonging Shampoo 300 ml
  • Argila Smooth – Prolonging Mask 250 g
  • Argila Murumuru Sealer 300 ml – Protecting spray.

11) How do I get my Argila Amazônia treatment to last longer? If you color your hair, try to dye it 15 days before or after the application of the smoothing procedure. The dye interferes with the process by opening the cuticles of the hair. Before drying with a blow-dryer, do not forget to use the leave-in Murumuru Sealer. This will protect the hair’s health. Do not use anti-residue shampoo, as this speeds up the deterioration of the straightening treatment. Ideally, you should use the Argila Home Care line. Chlorine from pools and beaches is also harmful to straightened hair.

12) What are the effects of environmental factors such as sun, sea water, pool water and pollution on hair straightened with Argila Amazônia? While there are no specific restrictions against exposure to any of these elements, excessive exposure can reduce the effects of the smoothing treatment.

13) Pay attention to the recommended temperatures for flat iron usage:

  • Hair with dyed ends, fine and sensitive hair = up to 180 degrees
  • Thick hair = up to 220 degrees

14) How should I let my hair dry after applying a progressive straightening treatment? Many people have the tendency to want to let their hair dry naturally after treatment. However, it’s good to use a blow dryer, even if only to eliminate humidity. Progressive straightening is heat-activated and the heat enhances the straightening process.

15) The right brush makes all the difference.

  • We recommend a square paddle brush. Its size makes it easy to distribute the natural sebum of the hair.
  • United, natural bristles help to give hair shine.
  • It’s best to start with a fine-toothed comb to disentangle hair.

16) Take care of your hair and it will become more beautiful every day Take care of your hair’s health, not only with Argila Amazônia, but also through a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.